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Wembley is a north-eastern area of London City, it does not strictly belong to the inner districts. The famous Wembley Stadium and Wembley Area are situated in Wembley. First mentions of Wembley date as far as a charter from year 825. It is connected with all the other parts of London by 4 tube stations and multiple bus routes.

Wembley, like most of the other north-western parts of London had a developed industry but much of it got closed in 1980s. You are lucky there are still many escorts in Wembley, otherwise you would not have much to do there unless you are a sports fan.

Wembleys center of commerce, even though significant, has suffered from poorly managed traffic, and enormous shopping malls constructed in neighbouring districts. In 1960s, Wembley Central Station got rebuilt as a block of flats and a shopping center, which also had to close down due to pure management but is now being redeveloped as Central Square.There is a general lack of separate housing in Wembley, most of the architecture are flats and apartments.

The most important landmark in the area must be the famous Wembley Stadium, rebuilt between 2003 and 2007 for a total cost of £827 million. Wembley Arena, a concert venue built in 1934 as an enormous swimming pool is close to the stadium, as is Fountain Studios, where they host the X Factor, Britain Got Talent and all the other bullshit shows for the mentally handicapped. Brent Town Hall is a Grade-2-listed building that no one knows what to do with because the town hall and all the white collars are moving somewhere else.

Wembley used to be a rural area until the 19th century, but much of the green areas remain. Including Barham Park in Sudbury Town, King Edward VII Park, established in 1914 behind the High Road and Sudbury Green. There is also a golf course indoor and outdoor tennis courts around.

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