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If you are thinking about coming to London for a relaxing weekend of sightseeing, bar crawling and dating, there might not be a better place to visit than Hillingdon, huge green parks, charming alleys, shopping lanes, malls, it has it all.

It is hard to even consider that Hillingdon has started out as a small market village in the middle of nowhere, a market square, an inn and a couple of houses, that used to be Hillingdon until recently, meaning a few hundred of years of course. Only recently there has been a sudden rush in population growth, most likely connected to development of transportation. It could be your best pick if you would like to spend some quality time with an escort in Hillingdon.

There are many interesting attractions to see in Hillingdon, apart from the most obvious ones that everyone visiting London heads to. There is the Church of Saint John the Baptist, burnt and rebuilt multiple times just to get destroyed and rebuilt again, it is a model, a symbol of persistence was built in 1629, or perhaps rebuilt, or rerebuilt, or maybe expanded. There is also the Hillingdon Court, built in 1858, currently being exploited as a school. There real treat for us guys is the London Motor Museum, established recently in 2012 it is fairly new but rides there…oh my god, I mean, they got the batmobile! The oldest cars displayed are from the 1960s.

There are also a few theatres and cinemas for the so inclined, chicks dig it so you might want to take your Hillingdon Escorts company to one of those: Beck Theatre, built in 1977 for a staggering 2,7 mil pounds, quite a lot considering it is a community theatre, nice and cozy.

Compass Theatre in 1948 which looks like a small pub. Cinemas include a few multiplexes, one or two standalone cinemas and that would be it, there are also a few pubs, bars, shopping malls, the standard metropolitan stuff. Hillingdon is quite popular in the London club scene, represented mostly by Liquid and Envy nightclubs, swarming with sexy youth, perfect places to take on young escorts in Hillingdon.