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Our London Escorts company is currently looking for new employees, we are growing fast and new job opportunities are constantly emerging. At this particular moment we have a few spots that need filling, please send us a resume, a photo of your face, and multiple full-body photos, from the front and from the back. Once we receive your application, we will review it and, possibly, invite you for an interview.

We are looking for young women with exceptional looks, your race or nationality do not matter but we do expect you to have a fit, tight body with attractive curves, but also a kind of distinct demeanor, we do not want you to be the center of attention, but we do not want to end up with an extreme like your ego dominating the customer, unless he wants you to of course. We need the candidates to be able to fit into any given situation, while still feeling confident and sexy.

Thing is, the clients have different requests, some will take you out for a dinner, some will take you to a theater or to the movies, some will scheme elaborately and will want you to act as their girlfriend and meet their mother, some of them will just want to spend a night at a hotel. You need to be flexible, people are fucked up and you cannot get fazed by anything. Being good at dancing and talking on the phone are also considered a real plus when we read the resumes.

By now you are probably thinking about actually what do you get in return, what do we provide as an employer. First things first, we offer you a stable position in a multi-cultural environment, a VERY high compensation, I mean our girls earn a lot, enough to afford paying for your university, apartment and an above comfortable living. A fun, unconventional working experience, being in contact with many young people, forming relationships, having fun, living a really good life.

All that while making heaps of cash. Escorts in London are given a way to learn or further develop their language skills, for which we cover the expenses. We also offer our girls free health care, gym membership and a tanning salon membership!

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