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Ealing is a suburban district of west London, the capital of England. During the ancient times it was a rural area, it even formed a parish. Opening a railway station in 1838 greatly improved the economy in the area,and resulted in garden market development and changing the character of the city to a suburban town. That economical growth resulted in Ealing significantly expanding in territory and number of citizens. By now it has formed an important commercial center with a vibrant nightlife.There is evidence of Ealing already being a settlement over seven thousand years ago, during the Iron Age. Escorts in Ealing are also primal, they could show you a good time if you are into some club to head and dragging into a cave kind of thing.

St.Mary’s church in the middle of the parish, is dated back to the 12th century. The Great Ealing School was funded in 1698 next to the aforementioned church, and quickly became known as one of the best schools in England, probably because there was not more than a few of those on the islands.

There are also many old pubs in Ealing, some even dating back to 18th century. The economy grew and multiple trade routes thrived even though they were very long and trying, because of that many inns had to open in order to accommodate horses and traders over night. Inns in Ealing included The Feathers, The Bell, The Green Man and The Old Hats.

Ealing is also known for its famous film studios which are the oldest in the whole wide world, though probably have not heard about any of the titles produced, maybe apart from the Monty Pythons and Doctor Who. BBC took the studios over in 1955.

Ironically, Ealing does not have any cinemas, how stupid is that. There are some but they are either ruined, during reconstruction, demolished or in construction, but who likes those artificial multiplexes people call a cinema these days. There is a theatre though, Questors Theatre.

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